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Best Film Based On Cops and Thieves

Mr.kk is one of the best action thriller movies which is directed by Rajesh M. Selva. Starring Vikram, Akshara Hassan and Abi Mehdhi Hassan in the lead roles. It’s an action-packed police story filled with high rising emotion that will just hold you still. This is the go-to film if you want to have an exciting night with your friends or family.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Vikram, Abi Mehdhi Hassan

Actress: Akshara Hassan

Other actors: Cherry Mardia, Lena, VikasSrivastav

Director: Rajesh M. Selva

Producer: Kamal Hassan, R.Ravindran

Writer: Rajesh M. Selva

Music director: Ghibran

Other Information:

Runtime: 121 minutes

Release date: 19 July 2019

Genre: Action Thriller, Drama


The story begins with a failed robbery attempt at Petronas towers as the Criminal KK faces an accident as he barely tries his best to escape from the robbery. That accident leads him to get unconscious and he goes into a coma for a few months. Simultaneously another story of a beautiful couple trying to live their life happily, the guy (Vasu) works in the same department that is serving Mr.kk as a patient. One fine day, an unknown person comes into that full surveillance hospital and attempts to kill Mr.kk but Vasu is the only one who was at that incident and becomes a reason for Mr.kk to be alive. He informs the cops about it and as they look into getting more information about Mr.kk, Vasu’s wife will get kidnapped and he will be ordered to get Mr.kk out of that highly secured hospital and hand him over to them if he wants his wife to be returned. Mr.kk gets into his consciousness and Vasu talks to him about the deal. Mr.kk accepts and both will be on their duty to smuggle out of the hospital as Mr.kk doesn’t want any attention from policy due to some confidential reasons. Now it’s up to both of them on how to get control of their lives in such miserable situations.

Artist’s Performance:

– Vikram as being one of the most famous actors in India, never backs down from what has to be done. Irrespective of his age, his action-packed mindset and his control over his actions, he just breaks the limits of how much one can expect.

– Akshara Hassan, one of the most attractive women in the Indian film industry, also one of the most admired characters. Her acting skills and energy throughout the film should be praised.

– It is evident that the other actors including the ones in the smallest role just worked their best to make this film come out as the director preferred.

Technical Aspects:

– Scriptwriting and direction are good.

– Screenplay is outstanding.

– Music and BGM of the film is just really intense and gives goosebumps to the viewers.

– Cinematography is great.

– Action scenes in the film shot very well and should be recognized.

This is the best film based on cops and thieves and one of those action-thriller movies you should watch to get your heart rises with curiosity. You can watch Mrkk movie online only on Aha.


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